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simple....efficient....top quality....very well priced....designed by German engineers !

The  PRO series is designed for ultimate reliability and ease of operation.
It supplies small to medium sized commercial vessels and large yachts with up to 3,000 gallons per day of high quality potable water.

The newly engineered marine aluminum frame provides a tidy appearance while allowing easy access to the systems components for

For freshwater capacities of up to 3,000 GPD or 11,340 Liters/day per unit, the installation of two redundant operative PRO desalination units is the preferred choice. More economical than one large system, it adds back up and eases transport and installation.
In times of low water demand only one unit is operated.
Self contained or semi modular concept for space saving, fast and easy self installation 
All control systems are electro-mechanical – No electronic circuits close to seawater
Spring loaded automatic 316Ti pressure regulator – No leaking needle valves
High pressure hoses with O-ring sealed 316Ti fittings – No corroding or cracking compression fittings
RO pressure vessels with O-ring sealed 316Ti high pressure fittings  -  No cracking NPT end plugs
Corrosion resistant marine aluminum frame, epoxy primed and polyurethane top coated
No proprietary equipment  -  spares/consumables may be obtained anywhere
Powerful seal less magnetic drive boost pump (1/3HP) and large pre-filters are standard equipment
Custom system configuration for tight installations at no extra charge
Five years limited warranty on the 316Ti high pressure pump

Specifications, System Features and Prices: 


  500 - PRO - 1   20 / 75       gal.-ltr./hour                $ 6,750 
  900 - PRO - 2   38 / 143        gal.-ltr./hour              $ 7,850* 
1200 - PRO - 3 50 /  190        gal.-ltr./hour              $ 8,960* 
1500 - PRO - 4  60 / 227         gal.-ltr./hour             $ 9,850* 

* For installations where space is limited, the high pressure pump, the flow/electrical control unit, the pressure vessel rack and the pre-filters of the vertical mount system can be ordered in separate modules at no extra charge.

PRO Semi-Modular Systems with compact 21” membrane racks also available.

Reverse Osmosis performance varies with the feed water temperature and salinity. The rated performance is tested at 26°C / 80°F water temperature and a salinity of 35000 ppm TDS. All prices are US$, ex. VAT, Duty, Shipping (to be added, approx. 22% in total).

Electrical Power Requirements:
Bulkhead Mount System (2HP Motor): 115/230V 60Hz - 230V 50Hz single phase 9.2 amps at 230V
Vertical Mount System   (3HP Motor): 115/230V 60Hz - 230V 50Hz single phase 11.2 amps at 230V
                                                       208 - 230/460V 60Hz three phase 5.5 amps at 220V
                                                       220/380/440V 50Hz three phase 3.8 amps at 380V

The desalination system is equipped with all necessary instrumentation, for the control and supervision
of the operation of the unit.

The instrumentation includes:
Pressure Gauges:  Feed water, system entrance (316SS glycerin filled)
                            Feed water, high pressure pump entrance (316SS glycerin filled)
                            RO pressure, (316SS glycerin filled)

Flow Meter:          Product discharge
Conductivity:         Digital product water quality monitor - ppm TDS

The following automatic emergency shut off functions are provided:

Low feed water pressure (e.g. seawater intake or pre-filters clogged)
High RO pressure
Tank full (float switch optional)

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